Edmonton Security Escort Services

Security Escort Services

Crime can happen when you least expect it. In order to keep yourself safe you need to be prepared at all times. Many businesses, universities and other institutions across the world have begun to hire security escort services in an attempt to reduce the chance of crime occurring. These security escort services are set up to escort either employees or assets.
Employee Security Escorts
A large amount of assaults and robberies take place in dark or poorly lit parking lots after work hours. In order to combat this many businesses elect to hire our security escort services. Our primary responsibility is to escort employees from their office to their car. In addition to businesses many universities have elected to hire our security escort services to walk students and professors across campuses. Security escort services are an easy way to help make your staff or clients feel safe and secure in environments where they may be susceptible to crime. At Guard Security we have a wide breadth of experience working with clients to set up effective and safe security escort services.
Asset Escorts
In addition to keeping employees or clients secure, our security escort services are also hired to maintain watch over the transportation of high valued assets. Our security escorts can act as asset guards who will monitor and protect a variety of valuable assets. Our security escorts are highly trained individuals who take pro-active steps to assess the vulnerabilities posed by key travel variables including route selection, method of transportation, time of travel etc. Depending on the value of the assets being transported and the level of security you require, we can customize an itinerary and escort complement that will help prevent loss. Should the situation call for it we can provide armed security escorts who are specifically Security Escorttrained to deal with any possible criminal situation that may occur during transport. We only provide the highest and most mature security escort services and our team of professionals will not be caught off guard by any situation they encounter. For more information on our security escort services contact us today.

For more information on our security escort services contact us today.